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TERRA COTTA HOLY BOWL: Handmade and slab built ceramic bowl with holes cut out of the top. This piece is used to arrange flora by inserting stems into the various holes and in the central well. Frogs may also be used inside of bowl. Organic, unglazed Texas terra cotta or white armadillo clay exterior, waterproof glaze interior. Custom color available upon request.

Each piece is unique and handmade. Shapes and sizes vary. Approximate specs below. Please allow 2 weeks for production, firing, and shipping. For large orders or custom orders, email us directly:

SMALL: 8+ holes, 6" diameter x 2.5" deep. $95

MEDIUM: 15+ holes, 7-8" diameter x 3-4" deep. $125

LARGE: 20+ holes, 9-10" diameter x 4" deep. $175